Teppanyaki Lunch Menu

Complete Lunches
Each meal includes choice of shabu soup or house salad, hibachi vegetables, and a bowl of rice.

Chicken Teriyaki $14.50
Morsels of tasty chicken prepared in our own teriyaki sauce.

Hibachi Shrimp $16.50
Delicious fresh shrimp covered with our special sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki $16.25
Wild Sockeye salmon grilled to perfection with our own teriyaki sauce.

New York Steak $22.50
A hearty serving of tender, juicy New York steak, specially cut for teppan cooking.

Filet Mignon $25.00
Our most magnificent cut of tender beef for the gourmet's delight.

Teriyaki Steak $16.00
Sumptuous slices of tender sirloin, prepared in our own Teriyaki sauce.


Beef & Shrimp $17.50
Delectable slices of sirloin and delicious shrimps. Served with our own Sesame and Misonnaise sauces.

Chicken Teriyaki & Shrimp $16.75
A selection from land and sea with a fresh, new Japanese twist.

Beef & Chicken Teriyaki $17.25
Delectable slices of sirloin paired with tender morsels of chicken prepared in our own teriyaki sauce.

A special treat for your lunch
Cooked before your eyes at your teppan table.

Hibachi Mushrooms $3.25
Fresh mushrooms cooked in butter, soy sauce and lemon.

Appetizer Tempura $8.00
Lightly battered, deep fried shrimp & vegetables

Hibachi Scallops $10.50
Canadian sea scallops grilled in our tasty misonaise sauce.

Yaki Yaki Shrimp $6.25
Our signature, hard-to-resist shrimp.

Extra Rice $1.65

Japanese Tea $2.50

Edamame $5.50
Lightly salted, steamed soy beans.


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~There is a Minimum Charge of $5.00 Per Person~
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