Children's Teppanyaki Dinner Menu
(For Ages 10 & Under)

Each meal includes your choice of soup or salad. All meals include appetizer shrimp, hibachi vegetables, one bowl of short grain rice, a choice of ice cream or sherbet for dessert and one small soft drink, juice or milk.


Teriyaki Steak $11.25
Sumptuous slices of tender sirloin marinated to perfection in our own teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken $10.50
Perfect morsels of tasty chicken, marinated and prepared in our own teriyaki sauce.

Hibachi Shrimp $13.00
Delectable slices of sirloin and delicious fresh shrimp.

Salmon Teriyaki $12.75
A selection from land and sea with a fresh new Japanese twist.

New York Steak $16.25
New York steak served with our signature sesame sauce.


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~There is a Minimum Charge of $10.00 per Person~
~Please advise your server of any food allergies you may have prior to ordering~
*All prices and menu items are subject to change without notice*